Fiber Optic Converters


ADFC (Automatic Data Flow Control), uses a technique protected by US patent #5,729,547 that automatically senses and controls the direction of RS-485 data eliminating the need for software control.

3-in-1 signal conversion converts RS-232 or RS-422 or RS-485 to fiber optic signals. This conversion automatically senses RS-422 four wire operation.

Status LEDs are provided for power, transmit data, receive data, optical collision and link detect signals. These are handy for verifying operation and troubleshooting network problems.

Transient voltage protection, all electrical signal and power inputs are protected against high voltages.

Baud rate independent, no switches or jumpers to set. Automatically adapts to all standard and non-standard baud rates up to 115Kbaud.

Versatile power supply, The unit can be powered by a wide range of AC or DC voltages. Wall plug adapters are available from duTec or others. A pluggable screw terminal is also provided for use with other power supplies. 7 to 24 volts AC or 9 to 36 volts DC @ 90 mA max.

Pluggable terminal blocks, industrial rated terminal blocks for ease of installation or removal. Accepts up to 16 AWG wire.

Standard 820 nm operation uses standard ST connectors and readily available 50/125 or 62.5/125, 100/140, or or 200 um HSC multimode fiber.

650 nm plastic fiber version for popular lower cost plastic fiber, over shorter distances.

DIN rail mounting accessories available for easy wiring.